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After dropping a critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2005 that was deeply rooted in R&B, CHRIS BROWN was quickly given the daunting task of spearheading a new generation of a genre that houses such greats as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. In 2008, though, Brown released “Forever” – his first real venture into crossing over into the mainstream and the pop/dance/electro hit shot him into superstardom. Many felt this success signified the end of his career as an R&B artist and haven’t given him much acknowledgment in the genre since. I feel like this debate will always be relevant because Michael Jackson is considered one of the greatest of all time and he’s deemed The King of Pop yet his name is thrown in plenty of R&B conversations; Brown has traveled a similar path but is slandered constantly whenever he’s nominated at award ceremonies in the R&B categories.

God forbid he actually win an award, but he did in 2012 when he snagged the Grammy for Best R&B Album for 2011’s F.A.M.E. and beat out El Debarge, Ledisi, Kelly Price and R. Kelly. People said Chris hasn’t been R&B since he first came out and that he shouldn’t claim the genre at all; I think that’s extremely unfair especially considering his catalogue is full of R&B gems that are hidden for some reason – until now. With his sixth album, X, slated for a summer release Chris has said that this album will revisit the vibe his debut effort held and many are skeptical that he’s able to pull this off.

So much music has been recorded but the masses have never gotten to hear them for whatever reason. Industry politics are a bitch but I’m here to bring the best of the best from CB’s resume so you’re not so lost out there – here we go!

10.) “Submarine” (2010) – A song that has him recounting where he went wrong to make his woman walk away, Chris spoke his heart and he spoke it to a jazzy, shoulder bopping beat that, if performed live, would have his feet moving in some way. No rapping, no cursing – just a voice and a beat. That’s what R&B is and “Submarine” displayed just that.

9.) “Calypso” (2012) – This Polow Da Don-produced promotional single was released ahead of Brown’s fifth LP Fortune in the summer of 2012 and was the lowkey cookout song for the scorching months. With backing vocals that were strongly reminiscent of a Mike Jackson in his prime, Brown had no problem enticing young ladies to just give into him and his harmless advances. He just wants to find out what you like, girl.

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Hey y’all! I love music and I grew up in a dope time where music videos meant the world to artists. In turn, they meant the world to me, and still do. So much so that I often sit around and think of treatments for some of my favorite songs. With me having this lovely vessel with which I have access to, I figured why not share my ideas with you guys? Hell, maybe the right people will see these and hit me on my Jack! … yeah, so let’s get started but please remember that I am not a director so I’m not up on camera jargon and all that jazz and I can’t draw worth shit so NOOOOO sketches of any of this will ever be seen from these hands, ‘kay? Alrighty then, let’s start with Chris Brown‘s next single, “Don’t Judge Me”…

Blonde CB is needed for this one…

Word Bank: CB->Chris Brown (duh); LL->leading lady; IR->interrogation room

Setting: (main) a smokey, dark interrogation room with a two-way mirror; (secondary) an all-black room with a mic stand and a stool, also black.
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I am a person who can admit when I’m feeling a certain way, including jealousy, and this explanation just struck me minutes. Naturally, I had to bring it to you all’s attention.

When I was fifteen in 2001, I was just learning to live with the fact that *NSYNC would never do another album together and getting accustomed to seeing Justin Timberlake by himself. That year, I didn’t have much to look forward to musically so my taste scattered for a bit until 2002. Yes Justin released Justified that year but it was also the year that my obsession with B2K began the moment they were brought to my attention.

Thanks(?) BET.

Their high energy drew me in and made me want to dance even though I had no rhythm whatsoever. I went to concerts but was subdued because I couldn’t find it in myself to act a fool like the other girls were doing. Not in public, anyway. That time came and went and in 2004, I was back to longing for some decent music that wouldn’t lull me to sleep. Sure, there was Usher but he was … well, he was getting old and I was only eighteen. I needed somebody who would keep me young.

Thank God for Chris Brown in 2005.
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I’m not the only person resurfacing this week: CHRIS BROWN decided to unleash his sixteen year old self on the music industry by way of his fifth studio album, FORTUNE. I, for one, am pretty elated by this. I bet you’re wondering just how I’m figuring that Breezy’s teen persona is what this R&B/pop album  is embodying – well, I will tell you. With more R&B packed in this LP by the twenty-three year old superstar than we’ve heard from him since EXCLUSIVE, FORTUNE is what Chris would have sounded like if he’d never made another album after his initial debut. My opinion, remember this.

Everyone knows I stan for GRAFFITI (2009) more than any other person on the planet but he was continuing his experimentation with electronic elements, which bled into 2011’s F.A.M.E. and that featured a bit more hip-hop than we’ve heard from his efforts excluding mixtapes.

I’m against none of this because each album of Chris’ represents his moment in time – as every album for every artist does. FORTUNE is special, though; it has the potential to be remembered for far more than just a reflection of two years’ worth of work and life experience. Growth isn’t the word – Chris, on this album, proves that he is indeed a GROWN MAN. You may shade how he chooses to address certain instances in his personal life – remember that everything that occurs outside of a studio, arena/theater/stadium, or movie set is indeed his personal life … – but you can’t deny that his music has showcased his maturity gradually and FORTUNE is the pinnacle of just that.

I couldn’t be more proud.

From addressing his sexual cravings even as the world’s ending in “2012” – stop scaring me with this, guys – to advertising the popularity of his “Bassline”, Breezy’s carnal desires are laced all through this album but he’s in his early twenties. This is healthy and beyond expected. Fast songs like “Turn Up The Music”, “Strip” – a fan-favorite originally from his 2011 mixtape BOY IN DETENTION – and his current single “Don’t Wake Me Up” keep your foot tapping on your way to work or school as Chris is so famously known for. That other shoe promptly drops when the beats for songs like “Biggest Fan” (yowzas!), “Tell Somebody”, and “Sweet Love” kick up and put you in your feelings immediately. While sex and dancing are great things that Chris is amazing at – I’m assuming on the sex thing since I have no first-hand knowledge of this … promise – love truly does conquer all on FORTUNE.

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What a hell of a gotdamn way to wake up *3 Stacks voice* – yowzas; CHRIS BROWN has shot about 1oo videos over the course of a week and the fruits of his labor is slowly rolling out. Okay maybe not 100, but the brotha’s been puttin’ in work. “Sweet Love” is his latest release and I’m SURE this will get some activity kicked up this weekend whether liquor is involved or not. Got damn, Breezy.

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RCA Records recording artist/producer/songwriter/Jack of all trades KEVIN MCCALL just dropped the video for his debut single, “Naked”, which features CBE affiliate BIG SEAN.  Dressed to the nines and ready for a fashion show, the killer visual team of Chris Brown/Godfrey Tabarez/Riveting Entertainment is a great start to what could prove to be a successful stint for the “Deuces” producer. I don’t know; something about Kevin has been sticking with me since he dropped Uninvited Guest and I’m forced to pay attention to him.  That’s not a bad thing at all; hopefully, he’ll keep kickin’ us that funky stuff.

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Big Sean is definitely showing love to the CBE camp, having blessed Chris Brown with a feature on his latest single, “Till I Die” alongside Wiz Khalifa.  Now it’s KEVIN MCCALL’s turn; “Naked” is his official single and features the Detroit rapper. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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Cali wasn’t the only place poppin’ last weekend with a huge music festival; thirteen hours away, Sydney, Australia was living it up with stars like CHRIS BROWN and BIG SEAN, who joined together to perform their hit “My Last” as well as the first live performance of Chris’s next single “Till I Die”, sans Wiz. Camera work’s a bit shaky but it IS a Chris Brown set so she was excited. Let her have it [lol]

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Here is CHRIS BROWN’s latest single entitled “Till I Die”, which features BIG SEAN and WIZ KHALIFA. Call up your local radio station and get this in rotation now!

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Every day, there is someone having some kind of discussion being held about who is better than whom in today’s music industry. Beyoncé slays Alicia Keys; Adele is better than Rihanna; Chris Brown buries Trey Songz on his worst day – etcetera, etcetera.

Do you see something wrong about those comparisons? How about these:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don’t compare to turkey and swiss; Twix just does not satisfy me as much as Jolly Ranchers; Vitamin Water is better than Sunkist.

How about that? My point is you can’t compare two things that do two DIFFERENT things because the measure of which you compare the two differs greatly. Entertainers and singers are purposely put in different categories; there are also subcategories of each but essentially there are only two options of what an artist can be – much like the hip hop debate of whether you’re an MC or a rapper.

Last night on Twitter, Team Breezy (Chris Brown fans) and Trey’s Angels (Trey Songz’s fans) were at it once again with the trending topic ‘TreySongzOrChrisBrown’. This comparison burns me to my core because I’ve found that the hatred between the two fan bases has intensified over the years. Trey and Chris came out in the same year but from the beginning Chris has soared while Trey’s career floundered a bit in the beginning. When you look at what they started out doing, it’s easy to see how different they are: Chris dropped “Run It!” as his first single, a dance/pop/R&B single that shot straight to number one. Trey’s first single – “Gotta Make It”, a crooning R&B single that took a bit of time to catch on with people.

From their first single alone, people should have known that these two Virginia-bred young men would reside in different lanes for the duration of their careers. Alas, fans have decided to forever beat this debate in the head.

I personally don’t understand why comparisons even need to be made, but radio/TV personality Charlamagne Tha God said it best during an interview with Nicki Minaj which is a track named “Press Conference” on her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. In reference to the notion that Nicki is being accused of trying to imitate artists like Madonna or Lady Gaga, Charlamagne said,

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