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Straight from the DEADLINE web store, their STARTER snapbacks are sure to be flying out the door; you’d better cop yours quick!

Starter was arguably one of the first sports brands that also became popular on the streets. In the early 90′s they had major partnerships with the NBA, NFL, and NHL making apparel for teams in the leagues. This also gave way to the iconic Starter Jacket and starter caps that were popular with the youth. We have just released 5 different colorways of this iconic snapback.

Now available on our Online Store.

I’m personally eying the black one for myself.

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We all know that Drake is opting for Diddy’s fancy silk shirts and gold chains nowadays, but let’s face it: suits hang REAL nice on this guy’s body. I found some looks that I adore on him and figured I’d share them with you all since it is his birthday and we all like to get fancy for our big day. Drizzy’s no different.

sidenote: the GQ party look is hands down my favorite. Sha-LOM!

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Here is the new website for Atlanta-based clothing line Chad Koolington which launched this afternoon. You are now able to read up on the brand, its creator Cornell La’Flare, and of course cop yourself some KOOL ass gear!

Click here to visit their site and become part of a movement that is sure to take the world by storm, one unique individual at a time.

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“The time is now. Now is the time. We’ve all got…a deadline.”

Deadline LTD is a clothing line that merges the styles of Los Angeles and New York City through the creative minds of L.A.-bred Junbug and Brooklyn native NA. Since 2007, Deadline has been providing the urban market with graphic tees, sweatshirts, and other products that feature such prominent figures and events in our nation’s history; from Lucky Luciano to Fredo (“The Godfather”), from Muhammed Ali to the Black Hand extortion racket of the 1880s (where thousands of Italian immigrants were pressured to pay large amounts of money or suffer physical harm due to non-cooperation including death).

Little history lesson for you there!

Their collaborations with other clothing lines are famously known and include Diamond Supply, The Hundreds, LaFayette, J. Money, and most recently Love Me. Their definitive script print tees are immediately recognizable and sought after by all the cool kids.

You should be wearing Deadline because they’re a brand who is on an extremely inspiring come-up and whose product is dope on top of dope. Their Summer 2011 collection is set to drop in a few weeks and I personally can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

I’m gonna need that Muhammed Ali sweatshirt though; for real…

Besides their online store, Deadline can be purchased in boutiques located in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan; Los Angeles, of course, is bubbling over with Deadline product, as are cities like Miami, Houston, and NYC. Personal shout out to Reed Space; I stopped by there last week and thoroughly enjoyed their store.

Access the Deadline website for store information, locations, and all that good stuff. Keep an eye on itstheCOOL for the lookbook of their upcoming collection as I’ll have that link to you as soon as it drops.

Network with Deadline at these various sites:


FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/DeadlineLTD


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Big Sean has been synonymous with fashion line TI$A since the beginning of his career, so it was only right that the Detroit rapper partake in the design of a new product. In his latest “Weekend Recap” video posted on YouTube today, Big Sean showed off a prototype for his line of snapbacks. They will only feature Detroit teams and should be available for purchase by the beginning of summer.

I’m looking forward to seeing what that Red Wings is hittin’ for! Stay tuned as I’ll have details available to you as they surface.



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This Cleveland-based clothing line represents their city HARD and are the next big thing in clothing in the Mid-West. iLTHY can be seen on the backs of rising hip hop stars like Machine Gun Kelly, Chip Tha Ripper, and many more! They can also been seen on my back; I copped a couple shirts a month ago and was TOO satisfied with my purchase. The graphics are mad dope; I love cartoony shit, especially when it translates well onto cotton.

Their Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook just dropped and iLTHY is premiering new pieces in their store from their line every Friday via their Twitter account and Facebook page. I highly recommend you order your favorites sooner than later because they sell out MAD fast.

Head over to their store today because you should be wearing iLTHY.

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In this generation, young people have decided not to sit back and let their elders dictate their lifestyle like those who have come before them. This is the age of taking your destiny into your own hands and creating a new sense of self. Those who take action are knighted the leaders of this movement and prove that the future is now.

Chad Koolington, run by a very strong-minded and self assured young man named Cornell, is a clothing line whose mission ties in with the artistic flair today’s youth has. His purpose behind starting the graphic t-shirt line was to feed his need to express himself and represent the folks who also seek a fashionable outlet aside from what many designers think consumers like and want.

I had the opportunity to chat with Cornell earlier this week to get a peek inside the clothing line that is gunning for the spotlight by straying from the norm, and it was a very interesting conversation. Check out what he had to say!

theCOOL: Your graphic tee line is named Chad Koolington; what’s the meaning behind the name?

Cornell: Chad Koolington originally started as this alter ego I created for myself. I used to always road trip to different schools to party and people that I fucked with on those trips would start calling us the “koolingtons” and Chad came from my proper accent. And it just stuck. It gave me a outlet to escape and kinda step outside myself so I figured i would adopt that 4 the line, so wearers could be just as imaginative.

TC: That’s so cool, very inventive. What compelled you to want to start Chad Koolington?

CK: Well, I’ve always lived inside my head, whether it be through poetry, music, or inspiring others I love to find new ways to express myself. I never really been into fashion but I always like to dress different and standout and i figured it was others out there like me whose interests seem to go unnoticed in stereotypical fashion trends, so I wanted to try to exploit that and if not i knew it was worth a shot!

TC: I’ve seen the “Live For The Kool” line and the designs are great, the penguins are my favorite. Is there any significance behind any of the designs?

Continue reading

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So, if you didn’t know, i work at Urban Outfitters to cushion my pockets. I don’t claim myself to be a hipster by any means, so in the beginning I didn’t get the big deal about the place other than they have some cute stuff. As time went on, I’d come to fully comprehend the epicness that is UO.

Anyway, I’ve been staring this particular jacket down since we got it in a couple months back and FINALLY bought it Friday on sale for $49.99! It’s originally priced at $88 so that was a steal. A word of advice: the stores have been selling out of these consistently, so if you want one don’t sleep. I was mad lucky to find this in a small. Also, on the UO website it’s priced at $59.99 so to save yourself ten bucks just buy it at a retail location.

It fits true to size; I wanted an extra small but after trying the small on, I found exactly what I wanted. It’s very comfortable and warm. I live in New York, so I need all the warmth I can get [lol]. I strongly recommend this purchase if you’re looking for a cute varsity jacket to put your own personal touch to it or just rock as-is. They come in three colors: the maroon, grey, and navy and would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe!

To order online, visit Urban Outfitters website to cop yours or just head to your local retailer because this is an item available exclusively to UO. They so fancy.


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FASHION: Unkommon Kolor – Season 2

One of my favorite clothing lines, Unkommon Kolor, just dropped their lookbook for their second round of product for all to marvel at. Merchandise will be available for purchase at midnight so stay tuned!

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FASHION: UNKO’s The Black Pack

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of my favorite brands, Unkommon Kolor, is releasing two of their most popular tees in black at midnight tonight in response to the BP oil leak which has affected the Gulf and neighboring areas. The “Rose Is A Rose” and “Dope Or Nope” shirts sold QUICK upon initial release so you’d better act fast on this amazing deal: both shirts come in a special edition custom box for only $48! That’s a steal, trust me. Once these shirts are gone, they’re gone forever as only 50 packs have been made. Don’t miss out; hit UNKO tonight to order yours!

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