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This song … I can’t even put into words how good it makes me feel and it’s no mistake that it belongs to SIERGIO, the guy with the smoldering tone and outstanding range. I LOVE this guy! You can’t tell me shit about Siergio: besides being a talented singer, he’s a great person as a whole and that makes me want him to succeed more than anyone else I’ve come across while doing this blogging thing. No shade though – I still love all y’all.

“Looking For Love” speaks to every woman who’s dated dud after dud until she’s found Mr. Siergio. If you’ve been looking for love then you’ve been looking for me is a BOLD statement but Siergio sells it and forces you to want to take him up on his offer. Now all you have to do is track him down … go get him, girl!

Siergio – “Looking For Love” [DOWNLOAD]

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