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LAURIANA MAE is at it again, dropping a new song and webisode as #MonthOfMae rolls on. She releases “All Time High” for the hip hop lover in us all and visuals from her Mid-Atlantic tour stint with labelmate TANK as they hit Baltimore and Virginia. Check it all out!

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I can do what I wanna do…

I needed an excuse to post this song then I realized that this is my blog and I’ll do what I want *Cartman voice*. I’ve been sipping from the cup of Bajan Kool-Aid since ’05 and have been unashamed of that since ’07; Her fourth album¬†Rated R is easily my favorite of her collection because it told a story better than every other album she put out. This point is magnified times a million with “Fire Bomb”, a tale of wanting your (former) significant other to feel the same strife they’ve inflicted on you repeatedly. The song’s mad deep and it makes you evaluate your own relationship trials. I know I did after hearing it the first time and it’s one of many songs in the soundtrack of my last break-up (smh yes there’s a soundtrack – don’t get me started)

I want you all to enjoy this with me; I have to say I was elated to see Robbie tweeting lyrics from the song on Twitter last month. This song is epic for so many reasons, and if you don’t understand why then you really don’t have an ear for music. Forget that this is Rihanna singing it; just listen to the lyrics then say something.

Round of a-damn-pplause to the track’s producer Brian Kennedy, James Fauntleroy II and Rihanna for writing this and a special two woots to Makeba Riddick for her vocal production work on this, whew! I just love this song.

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Check out the latest from L.A. rapper SCHOOLBOY Q alongside TIRON with, “Love Me Not”, a shining little ditty about a wishy washy female. Don’t we all just hate those. Shouts to CHUCK INGLISH for the production.

“Love Me Not” – ScHoolboy Q & TiRon [DOWNLOAD]

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Here is the HQ version of’ CHRIS BROWN’s next R&B single, “Sweet Love”, which debuted on HOT 97 airwaves earlier this week. Sounds furnished by CB’s official YouTube channel.


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UPDATES: The Making of Sore Losers’ “Runaway” Cover + MP3

Peep this video chronicling the making of Sore Losers’ “Runaway” cover. After you watch, download the mp3 for your iPod. You know you want to.

Shout out to BlueTheGreat for designing the album artwork. TOUGH!

“Runaway” (Cover) – Sore Losers [DOWNLOAD]

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A DALLAS AFFAIR: “Likeamug” – A.Dd+ x Brown of Sore Losers [Produced by Picnic Tyme]

Dallas is all up and through theCOOL “Likeamug”. Keep up with me, here: this song comes from a duo out of D-Town, features one half of another duo from Dallas and is produced by a Dallas native. That’s a lot, right?

Expect a feature on A.Dd+ soon but for now, enjoy this track that’s blessed with a verse from Brown of Sore Losers! Shout out to Picnic Tyme for the production of “Likeamug”.

“Likeamug” – A.Dd+ featuring Brown (of Sore Losers) {Produced by Picnic Tyme} [DOWNLOAD]

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These days, people are becoming famous for the most basic of things and it’s getting me pretty pissed off. What makes it so bad is that those who have had a bit of clout to their name for a while are suddenly starting to fuck up. Have you forgotten your main purpose for getting into the industry?! Apparently, this is an epidemic that needs a vaccine ASAP. Here’s my remedy:

  1. It Takes A Village To Breed A Star: Nothing is more important to a budding star’s success than a great support system. In other words, a mother needs to be present! If you and your moms ain’t on good terms, get your grandmother, auntie, play cousin, somebody! And not just anybody: you gotta know that everyone behind you is actually there FOR you and not to get their own career jumping at your expense. Evolving within your circle is wonderful and pretty ¬†much expected, but if they have their own agenda, your goals will fall to the wayside and guess who suffers in the end? That’s right, you!
  2. Love Yourself, Put No One Above Thee: Foxy Brown said it best: you’re already a talented individual who will be a star if you just remember who you are. Don’t let outside influences or distractions deter you from your destined path. As much as people say “this was meant to be, so it’ll happen regardless”, that shit can slip from you just as quick as the opportunity comes!
  3. “Where The Party At?!” Why? YOU Don’t Need To Be There: I’m SO tired of seeing people chillin’ in the club like they don’t have goals in life. Stop letting that party life suck you in and get some actual work in. Just because you can put some words together kinda nice and hum cute doesn’t mean your work is done. It hasn’t even started yet. Get goin’!
  4. Say Goodbye To Hollywood….No, Seriously; Say Goodbye!: I swear if any talented person wants to instantly fuck up their potential, they should purchase a condo in Hollywood and go “exploring” their first night in town. That town is no damn joke yet every year, people break their necks to go so they can “make their dreams come true”. NO! I’ll accept that you can develop a habit anywhere in the world but Hollywood nurses those habits the best. Again I say, stay your ASS out the club even though you think it’s harmless and try stopping in a studio instead. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting parties and taking pole dancing classes in three months’ time and your fans will slowly start to realize that you may not be about shit and they’ll move on to the next budding star who actually stays their course. Just sayin’.

We’ll be goin’ around singing “Lil’ Girl Gone” for some folks in a short minute. Get your shit together, people; there are tons of people who would love to be in your position and if you’re not careful, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. As a matter of fact, here is Devin The Dude’s “Lil’ Girl Gone” featuring Bun B, Lil’ Wayne, and Tony Mack just so you guys can feel where I’m coming from.

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VIDEO: “Foolay” – Earlly Mac feat. Machine Gun Kelly

A Finally Famous x Lace Up collab comes in the form of “Foolay” by Earlly Mac and Machine Gun Kelly. Two forces in the game teaming up results in a problem for the industry. Get in!

“Foolay” – Earlly Mac feat. Machine Gun Kelly [DOWNLOAD]

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I’ve been into Kate and her music since the ’07 “unknown artist” phase I went through back then while wallowing in Long Island as I pondered my life’s meaning. Her album, Made Of Bricks, banged me to my core and I fell in love.

I love pretty much anything English, so the fact that she’s from England just sealed the deal for me. If you think you may have heard of her before, it may be because her song, “Merry Happy” got placements in mad movie trailers and the video for “Pumpkin Soup” was in heavy rotation on MTVU for a good while.

She disappeared on me for a while, but I managed to find out that she has a new, yet to be titled album coming out in April featuring the single, “I Just Love You More”. She’s back with her band, and her sound is totally different this go round. I’m giving her a shot, though, because that’s what fans do.

Because I love you guys so much, here’s a double play for you: “Merry Happy” and “I Just Love You More”. I strongly encourage you to cop her Made Of Bricks album, it really is awesome.

“Merry Happy”

“I Just Love You More”

I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress of Kate’s second album especially when she finally names it [lol]. For now, hit her MySpace and official website for regular updates on her whereabouts and such.

Stay COOL, folks [haven’t said that in a while =)]

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