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You all (should) know by now that JADE NOVAH is a personal favorite of mine and I love everything she does; case in point, this girl just got me to actually tolerate a Kesha (I REFUSE to put the $ in that child’s name – fight me) song! In her new video for the latest cover collaboration with her extremely talented producer, DEVIN JOHNSON, Jade gives “Die Young” a bubbly and fun visual that makes you want to jump in your computer screen to join her and her friends in their ratchet expedition throughout Atlanta.

You get accents, cute clothes and a vocal arrangement that slays those other singers with no effort – just watch the video, you’ll get it.

Shout out to THESHAY WEST as usual for the impeccable directing and amazing HD quality – these colors POP! in this video.

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Dallas is a smoldering melting pot of creativity in all avenues that’s about to bubble over into the world – take this post as me preparing you for what you need to be ready for.

CASH’MIR is a dope young MC out of the Southern city who’s style is versatile in a “sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick” type of way. Whether rapping fast and pacing himself bar for bar, Cash’mir has it and has even grown from his 2011 project (that I fuck with completely), Burning Bridges.
“Precipitation” is a smooth iPond-produced track that takes you to Dallas for about six minutes; take a listen below and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Cash’mir – “Precipitation” [DOWNLOAD]

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I’m all the way here for Glaceau products getting their props, especially Smart Water because that shit is delicious.

Check out L.A. rapper CASEY VEGGIES on his latest giveaway track, “Smart Water” produced by Chuck Strangers – he says he drinks it in the studio while recording; maybe some of you other rappers should follow suit.

…just saying.

Casey Veggies – “Smart Water” [DOWNLOAD]

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IMG_0462I have brain farts all the time at the most random moments one can ever imagine. Suddenly, I feel compelled to share them and since you’ve decided that you accept my socially awkward demeanor, guess who gets an all-access pass to my kooky inner workings? Congratulations!

– Have you ever wished that life was like a movie where you could just cut through the awkward shit and pan to the moment after when it all worked out for the best?

– I have a bad habit of bearing my ankles on the coldest days; I need to be more aware.

– Being social at events I cover never gets easier; I saw one of my she-ros last night and was a foot away from her yet said nothing…

– I’ve found that my cozy little box I reside in is hindering me with the assistance of those around me; I like doing things my way though. This is gonna be tough.

– I just want to write all day and eat pasta all night.

– You ever want to drift into town to see ONE person, post up for a few days then leave without anyone else knowing you were there? Me neither; that’s rude, huh? =\

– Saying how you feel is such a novel idea, isn’t it? It’s really cute.

– Seriously, I need to get to the point where I’m able to write all day and eat all night.

– I made an interesting proclamation that I’m completely fine with: I’ll probably be a housewife who writes books and scripts for the rest of her life. I really don’t mind that, though; I have to nurture my future kids’ dopeness and being stuck in some office ain’t gonna cut it!

– Kendrick Lamar’s album really is dope, though (I felt the need to mention something music-related since this blog is centered around it *shrugs*).

Welp that’s it for now; as thoughts come to me, I won’t hesitate to share them because I know you’re dying to read them =)

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LAURIANA MAE is at it again, dropping a new song and webisode as #MonthOfMae rolls on. She releases “All Time High” for the hip hop lover in us all and visuals from her Mid-Atlantic tour stint with labelmate TANK as they hit Baltimore and Virginia. Check it all out!

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I just love it; I love everything about this and I will go on record as saying that this brand is perfectly aligned with my entire existence. You can’t get more OTHER than me! PHARRELL WILLIAMS has just launched his i am OTHER brand that features those who go about life a slight bit left than everyone else. Finally, we have a club to belong to.

What makes this movement even greater are Pharrell’s PSAs – he’s amazing. Check them out below followed by links so you can get familiar with the wave.

Videos, news and more: http://www.iamOTHER.com
Like i am OTHER on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iamOTHER
Follow i am OTHER on Twitter: http://twitter.com/i_am_OTHER
Listen to i am OTHER on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/iamother


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I like this; coming from the managers who brought Trey Songz to the forefront of R&B and debuted K. Michelle to the world comes a new talent looking to make an impact on R&B – LAMAR STARZZ. The Rochester, NY native is currently signed to Sean Garrett’s Bet I Penned It imprint and has a nice arsenal of material under his belt so far.  “Break My Heart” stands out to me almost immediately and that can never be a bad thing; check it out for yourself.

I’ll be keeping my eye on him as Lamar gears up to release his first project, R&B 24/7, in July.

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The wait is ovah for Novah! Very corny, yes, but just go with it; JADE NOVAH has finally decided to bless us with Shades Of Jade which is filled with amazing covers as well as some new material. This singer/songwriter is really on her way with her pen game flexing all over the industry and receiving such high praises and promo including a spot on TheNext2Shine’s second installment of their Discovery mixtape series! Download the tape below by clicking the photo …

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TheNext2Shine just dropped the second installment of their Discovery mixtape that features hot up and coming artists and the lineup is a doozy! With songs from Austin Brown, Jessica Ashley, Lauriana Mae, and two of our favorites – Jade Novah and Siergio! – Discovery Part 2 is a great addition to your music library and an awesome way to stumble upon new talent.

Download the mixtape here!

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I can do what I wanna do…

I needed an excuse to post this song then I realized that this is my blog and I’ll do what I want *Cartman voice*. I’ve been sipping from the cup of Bajan Kool-Aid since ’05 and have been unashamed of that since ’07; Her fourth album Rated R is easily my favorite of her collection because it told a story better than every other album she put out. This point is magnified times a million with “Fire Bomb”, a tale of wanting your (former) significant other to feel the same strife they’ve inflicted on you repeatedly. The song’s mad deep and it makes you evaluate your own relationship trials. I know I did after hearing it the first time and it’s one of many songs in the soundtrack of my last break-up (smh yes there’s a soundtrack – don’t get me started)

I want you all to enjoy this with me; I have to say I was elated to see Robbie tweeting lyrics from the song on Twitter last month. This song is epic for so many reasons, and if you don’t understand why then you really don’t have an ear for music. Forget that this is Rihanna singing it; just listen to the lyrics then say something.

Round of a-damn-pplause to the track’s producer Brian Kennedy, James Fauntleroy II and Rihanna for writing this and a special two woots to Makeba Riddick for her vocal production work on this, whew! I just love this song.

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