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This song … I can’t even put into words how good it makes me feel and it’s no mistake that it belongs to SIERGIO, the guy with the smoldering tone and outstanding range. I LOVE this guy! You can’t tell me shit about Siergio: besides being a talented singer, he’s a great person as a whole and that makes me want him to succeed more than anyone else I’ve come across while doing this blogging thing. No shade though – I still love all y’all.

“Looking For Love” speaks to every woman who’s dated dud after dud until she’s found Mr. Siergio. If you’ve been looking for love then you’ve been looking for me is a BOLD statement but Siergio sells it and forces you to want to take him up on his offer. Now all you have to do is track him down … go get him, girl!

Siergio – “Looking For Love” [DOWNLOAD]

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Dallas is a smoldering melting pot of creativity in all avenues that’s about to bubble over into the world – take this post as me preparing you for what you need to be ready for.

CASH’MIR is a dope young MC out of the Southern city who’s style is versatile in a “sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick” type of way. Whether rapping fast and pacing himself bar for bar, Cash’mir has it and has even grown from his 2011 project (that I fuck with completely), Burning Bridges.
“Precipitation” is a smooth iPond-produced track that takes you to Dallas for about six minutes; take a listen below and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Cash’mir – “Precipitation” [DOWNLOAD]

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Just in case you were trying to forget just what TEYANA TAYLOR’s occupation is in this industry, “Make Your Move” has been dropped and it proves that she is indeed a songstress. The shade that is thrown this girl’s way constantly is just terrible but she hasn’t let it deter her and after opening for rapper GAME overseas back in November, TT has been in the studio serving you all.

The guest appearance by WALE is definitely a bonus and the upcoming EP she is planning to release this year is sure to be chockfull of surprises; I mean, she IS affiliated with the likes of KANYE WEST, PHARRELL, and so many others. Check her track out and download it here!

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Music drives my being; I can’t go a day without my earbuds being the vessel from my musical device to my heart. This playlist isn’t one that showcases my favorite songs; it’s a playlist that evokes the varying emotions I experienced in these last twelve months. Yes, most of it is emotional but it’s true to form, that’s for damn sure. Share in my heart’s songs and feel this shit with me!

I’m definitely looking forward to 2012 being less emo and more prosperous in every way. Here’s to you, 2012: you better treat me right.


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Turning a half of a half century old is a pretty big deal and although his sophomore album, Take Care, didn’t make the deadline to drop today – instead releasing on November 15th – this is still a glorious occasion. Drake may be a new artist to the mainstream, but it was his mixtape hustle that got him where he is today. That being said, I’d like to take the time to gift you with a special playlist featuring songs from his come-up era featuring 2006’s Room For Improvement and 2007’s Comeback Season. Evolution is real and we very well may never hear THIS Drake ever again. No shade to his style today, but it’s nice to reminisce on how things used to be. Have a good one, Aubrey; take a walk down memory lane with us. Shout out to Maiya Wilkes for her help on compiling this playlist!


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