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Man, I tweeted “never be the same again” a minute ago and started singing this hook so I must post this for us all to enjoy. Take a stroll down memory lane with me in the name of dope hip hop!

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Dedicating this track to 2012; I’m falling for you and you haven’t even come yet! I love singing this obscenely loud in my falsified Bajan accent and it can be used in other contexts besides speaking to an actual person.

Get In!

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Stephy Takes a Tumble…

…actually I made a tumblr, but doesn’t that sound funnier? [lol] Follow me, snitches!


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NEWS: Hmm…Tell Me Somethin’ Good! [“Over” coming soon…?]

“Soon Come”

via Drake’s blog, October’s Very Own

I’m rooting for you, dude. Don’t let me down.

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LISTEN: “Ghost In The Mirror” – Robert Allen feat. Chris Brown

I swear, I have to listen to this song every day for some reason. It’s Auto-Tuned out, yes, but something about it doesn’t turn me off. Don’t really know who Robert Allen is, but I downloaded this one day out of the blue and found out that Chris Brown’s voice is weaved all through this.

If you know who Robert Allen is, hip me to him PLEASE. I’ll give you your credit =)

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COMEDY: McNuggets Lovin’…

I may be a disgrace to my race for liking this commercial, but the passion this dude exudes over some chicken nuggets just cracks me up every damn time. It’s an old commercial, but McDonald’s finally made a follow-up to it recently and I like this better.

Laugh, people. Don’t take life so seriously.

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RANDOM: dreams…

You know, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a geek and that school thrills me to no end. That being said, I’ll also be the first to admit that my focus has been lacking severely as of late.

I don’t know if it’s my fear of making an impact on something or what, but it’s almost as if I’m sabotaging myself for some unknown reason. I do know that I have to break myself out of that “slacker” mentality because I deserve for good things to happen to me, and so do you.

So, as much as me and my sister clown on the song (it’s just so fun though), “Successful” is definitely the motivation tune for this week. I’m gonna earn my reward at the end of the week, and I’ll appreciate it even more because I know I did all that I needed to and more to achieve those goals.

Find a way to reward yourself for your hard work, then get on track so your success is that much sweeter.

Stay COOL (and focused), folks.

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RANDOM: if I was going trick or treating…


…I’d definitely go as Edna Mode of “The Incredibles”! Don’t we look like twins? [lmao]

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RANDOM: fuel to theCOOL.

If you were ever wondering what keeps me alert half of the time, here it is:


These do it for me every time. Yum.

As you were =)

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RANDOM x MissTaylor

Since I just posted about Teyana, I had to post this pic I came across while browsing through TheTeeFam’s blog.


I love her bowtie chain, it’s super cute! Teyana is my chick so she’ll definitely be a staple on this blog in the months to come.

As you were. Stay COOL.

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