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How do I newly stan for thee, Miguel? I shall count the ways:

One: your hair consistently gives me life and I hope that one day you share your follicle regimen with me so that I, too, may have edges snatched easy like Sunday Morning and pillowy soft curls atop my head.

Two: though I’ve previously mocked your tendency to mumble through your songs, I enjoy and appreciate that you’ve given me something astoundingly great to mumble along with just as passionately as you do in your vivid live performances.

“Kaleidoscope Dream” is … it’s like when you were little, let’s say school-age: your mom (or dad, if you had the pleasure of him being present) would wake you up for school and you weren’t cranky for once. For this, your parent rewarded you with McDonald’s for breakfast on the drive to elementary and you were amped – kicked your day off ALL kinds of right.

You get dropped off and your classmates are super nice to you for some reason; you don’t question it because it feels good. You’ve been feeling good all day, but it doesn’t end there; your favorite cousin comes to pick you up early and y’all go riding in his/her car. They have a sunroof and it’s a perfect 77 degrees outside so you actually enjoy the air. You get to go to the mall – a place your parent never takes you because they know you’ll ask for something. This time, though, you don’t because you’re so happy to be out and about it doesn’t matter if you don’t leave here without a toy.

Because your cousin is so cool, you get a toy anyway. That’s it: you decide that this day cannot get any more fantastic – but it does because you’ve just been informed that you two are meeting up with the family at … Chuck E. Cheese.

THAT’S what “Kaleidoscope Dream” makes you feel; Continue reading

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I’m not the only person resurfacing this week: CHRIS BROWN decided to unleash his sixteen year old self on the music industry by way of his fifth studio album, FORTUNE. I, for one, am pretty elated by this. I bet you’re wondering just how I’m figuring that Breezy’s teen persona is what this R&B/pop album  is embodying – well, I will tell you. With more R&B packed in this LP by the twenty-three year old superstar than we’ve heard from him since EXCLUSIVE, FORTUNE is what Chris would have sounded like if he’d never made another album after his initial debut. My opinion, remember this.

Everyone knows I stan for GRAFFITI (2009) more than any other person on the planet but he was continuing his experimentation with electronic elements, which bled into 2011’s F.A.M.E. and that featured a bit more hip-hop than we’ve heard from his efforts excluding mixtapes.

I’m against none of this because each album of Chris’ represents his moment in time – as every album for every artist does. FORTUNE is special, though; it has the potential to be remembered for far more than just a reflection of two years’ worth of work and life experience. Growth isn’t the word – Chris, on this album, proves that he is indeed a GROWN MAN. You may shade how he chooses to address certain instances in his personal life – remember that everything that occurs outside of a studio, arena/theater/stadium, or movie set is indeed his personal life … – but you can’t deny that his music has showcased his maturity gradually and FORTUNE is the pinnacle of just that.

I couldn’t be more proud.

From addressing his sexual cravings even as the world’s ending in “2012” – stop scaring me with this, guys – to advertising the popularity of his “Bassline”, Breezy’s carnal desires are laced all through this album but he’s in his early twenties. This is healthy and beyond expected. Fast songs like “Turn Up The Music”, “Strip” – a fan-favorite originally from his 2011 mixtape BOY IN DETENTION – and his current single “Don’t Wake Me Up” keep your foot tapping on your way to work or school as Chris is so famously known for. That other shoe promptly drops when the beats for songs like “Biggest Fan” (yowzas!), “Tell Somebody”, and “Sweet Love” kick up and put you in your feelings immediately. While sex and dancing are great things that Chris is amazing at – I’m assuming on the sex thing since I have no first-hand knowledge of this … promise – love truly does conquer all on FORTUNE.

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What a hell of a gotdamn way to wake up *3 Stacks voice* – yowzas; CHRIS BROWN has shot about 1oo videos over the course of a week and the fruits of his labor is slowly rolling out. Okay maybe not 100, but the brotha’s been puttin’ in work. “Sweet Love” is his latest release and I’m SURE this will get some activity kicked up this weekend whether liquor is involved or not. Got damn, Breezy.

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RCA Records recording artist/producer/songwriter/Jack of all trades KEVIN MCCALL just dropped the video for his debut single, “Naked”, which features CBE affiliate BIG SEAN.  Dressed to the nines and ready for a fashion show, the killer visual team of Chris Brown/Godfrey Tabarez/Riveting Entertainment is a great start to what could prove to be a successful stint for the “Deuces” producer. I don’t know; something about Kevin has been sticking with me since he dropped Uninvited Guest and I’m forced to pay attention to him.  That’s not a bad thing at all; hopefully, he’ll keep kickin’ us that funky stuff.

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Big Sean is definitely showing love to the CBE camp, having blessed Chris Brown with a feature on his latest single, “Till I Die” alongside Wiz Khalifa.  Now it’s KEVIN MCCALL’s turn; “Naked” is his official single and features the Detroit rapper. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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Here is CHRIS BROWN’s latest single entitled “Till I Die”, which features BIG SEAN and WIZ KHALIFA. Call up your local radio station and get this in rotation now!

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In an effort to be constantly busy and present in your iTunes library, CHRIS BROWN released the remix to his number one single “Strip”, which features the song’s producer KEVIN MCCALL going for what he knows: singing and rapping this time around. This stripped version of “Strip” is a doozy – check it out!

Be on the look out for more work from CB as he’s been confirmed to working with UK act and worldwide sensation THE WANTED. Can you say racks on racks on racks simultaneously with hit records on hit records on hit records? Well you can’t actually but just know that it’s about to go down in 2012.

P.S. you have to laugh at my corny jokes as a visitor to the site; just putting that out there =)

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Producer/RCA artist BEI MAEJOR is bringing his eccentric sound to the masses with his latest mixtape, Upscale. The compilation is a one-man show with Bei garnering production and writing credits as well as holding his own, opting out of featuring any artists. Check out “Mesmerized” for your listening pleasure and download the tape today!

Upscale – Bei Maejor [DOWNLOAD]

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CHRIS BROWN is gettin’ it all the way in at the studio right now: compiling a most impressive body of unreleased music, CB is one-upping anyone who may try to leak material he’s recording – he’s releasing it the second he finishes mixing it. Crazy concept, huh? I’m sure there’s tons more where “Oh Yeah” and “See Through” came from. I’m partial to “See Through” but both tracks are crazy!


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Here is the HQ version of’ CHRIS BROWN’s next R&B single, “Sweet Love”, which debuted on HOT 97 airwaves earlier this week. Sounds furnished by CB’s official YouTube channel.


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