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Everybody has an opinion on this love triangle that just was turned into a two-point line in the wee hours of the morning thanks to Chris Brown’s Suburban confessional posted on his Mechanical Dummy blog.

*sighs* Where do I even begin?

First: those who are celebrating the reunion of Chris and Rihanna are … touched. One – what does them engaging in things grown folks do REALLY have to do with the progression of your life to where you’re praising the high heavens for them being together? Seriously; did you have a pool going or something because if monetary gain isn’t the reason for your glee then what the hell is?

Second: let’s take away the celebrity/public figure aspect of this entire thing, so people can understand the anger some have over this.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy and girl have a falling out and ultimately break up. Boy goes through the motions – lives fast by partying and hooking up with random women. Boy meets new girl. Boy dates new girl. FOR TWO YEARS boy dates new girl. Boy falls in love with new girl (?) New girl falls in love with boy. New girl is the object of ridicule for loving boy. New girl still loves boy. Boy secretly yearns for girl. Boy eventually reconnects with girl but continues with new girl. New girl is called ten kinds of dumb for dealing with boy and his “alleged discretions” but stands by him. Boy “decides to be single” … then takes girl to a concert. Boy tells everybody he’s in love with two people and doesn’t want to hurt either… but hurts new girl by choosing girl over her.

Honestly, this is the same shit that usually happens over all four years of high school and probably spilled over into college. The popular guy who could have anybody he wanted meets this normal girl who wasn’t bothering anybody. He says, “hey, you seem cool. let’s discuss somethin’.” She says, “i’m down”, and so it begins. Popular guys have their groupies and groupies get salty when they see the object of their affection involved with someone and – surprise, surprise – he’s actually committed to her. As a result, they down his girl by calling her out of her name, questioning her authenticity and bringing up the past while she’s trying to maintain her relationship as any woman in love strives to do.

I’m not “mad” at Chris Brown; Continue reading

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Jade Novah and her camp that includes the incredibly talented Devin Johnson and director Theshay West are at it once again! Remixing Rihanna’s latest single “Diamonds” in such a beautiful way, here is the visual to go along with it which is so artistic and great! I always love that we get a song and video from Jade each time – they never disappoint.

Be on the look out for Jade’s album, In Search Of Me, which is coming soon and is sure to be an astounding contribution to R&B. It ain’t dead yet!

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Sunday night KANYE WEST gave every non-ethnic person in the O2 Arena permission to say the N-word as he performed “All Of The Lights” on the European leg of the Watch The Throne tour with the assistance of RIHANNA, who looked thuggish and ratchet  in a black skully, sports bra and what looks like lacey pants…? Anyway, it’s a fun performance to watch real quick, so check it out!

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I can do what I wanna do…

I needed an excuse to post this song then I realized that this is my blog and I’ll do what I want *Cartman voice*. I’ve been sipping from the cup of Bajan Kool-Aid since ’05 and have been unashamed of that since ’07; Her fourth album Rated R is easily my favorite of her collection because it told a story better than every other album she put out. This point is magnified times a million with “Fire Bomb”, a tale of wanting your (former) significant other to feel the same strife they’ve inflicted on you repeatedly. The song’s mad deep and it makes you evaluate your own relationship trials. I know I did after hearing it the first time and it’s one of many songs in the soundtrack of my last break-up (smh yes there’s a soundtrack – don’t get me started)

I want you all to enjoy this with me; I have to say I was elated to see Robbie tweeting lyrics from the song on Twitter last month. This song is epic for so many reasons, and if you don’t understand why then you really don’t have an ear for music. Forget that this is Rihanna singing it; just listen to the lyrics then say something.

Round of a-damn-pplause to the track’s producer Brian Kennedy, James Fauntleroy II and Rihanna for writing this and a special two woots to Makeba Riddick for her vocal production work on this, whew! I just love this song.

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One of my favorite songs off Drake’s Take Care, the video for the title track just dropped – finally. Check out the visual for this Drake and Rihanna collaboration which was directed by Yoann Lemoine.


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First listen of Rihanna’s “Cake” in full WITH Chris Brown singing and rapping; Rob even got herself some bars on there. What a birthday for Rih Rih.

Shock the world, honey. Shock ’em!

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…The former couple is treating the ‘net right now and we are all standing witness to the best mind fuck ever! Check out Rihanna’s offering to Chris’s latest single, “Turn Up The Music”.

“Turn Up The Music” (Remix) – Chris Brown feat. Rihanna [DOWNLOAD]

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As usual, my opinion on an award show differs from pretty much everyone else’s that I’ve come in contact with but when has that ever not happened to me? Let’s dig right in:

  • LL COOL J’s prayer for Whitney was endearing and I’m glad that’s how the night started off – after BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN slayed the stage in the name of his own fallen bandmate CLARENCE CLEMONS.
  • I liked that they didn’t forget about ETTA JAMES in the midst of such recent tragedy and paid tribute to her by having ALICIA KEYS and BONNIE RAITT perform “SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE”; a lot of people were complaining about Alicia lending her vocals but has anyone ever thought about maybe the people they would have liked to see do it instead might have been busy or just didn’t want to? Yeah, that IS a possibility so stop being extra.
  • CHRIS BROWN!! I am just so proud of him and I lit into my followers when they had the NERVE, the BALLS, the UNMITIGATED GALL to get at him for lip-syncing “BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE”! Have you heard all the effects they laced that song with? If he tried to sing that song unassisted by a backing track, that shit would sound horrible but he did sing live on “TURN UP THE MUSIC” just before, but nobody paid that any attention because they had no clue what that song sounded like, which means they aren’t that pressed WHICH MEANS … they should just shut the fuck up. Mmkay? Him winning R&B ALBUM OF THE YEAR was well deserved, although his fellow nominees’ projects were definitely more rooted in R&B than his was and I can’t say his album wholeheartedly deserved it because I never heard the others. I’m thrilled he won, though, because he’s worked hard this year and this was definite vindication for people dismissing him for a situation they had nothing to do with.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the performances by PAUL MCCARTNEY (“MY VALENTINE” might slide into my iTunes, actually) and THE BEACH BOYS with MAROON 5 and FOSTER THE PEOPLE; to see these older gentlemen out here still gettin’ it the best way they know how is dope and people really need to broaden their music library contents and stop being so close minded; there is FAR more to the world than Freestyle Friday (eww) and Travis Porter bangers. Be a little more selective, folks. Continue reading
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If you’ve paid attention to JAY-Z’s business partnership with LIVE NATION – ROC NATION – you should know that they breed artists and manage various industry figures including RIHANNA, SAMANTHA and MARK RONSON, and NO ID, just to name a few.

Mega songwriter and Interscope signee (and the lady I stan for most) ESTER DEAN has officially been added to that management roster. If her name seems foreign to you, you’ve definitely heard her voice and lyrics being sung by the likes of KATY PERRY, CHRIS BROWN, and our beloved BEYONCÉ. Some of her best work has been on RIHANNA’s last three projects but her best material, she says, is the stuff she’s stashed for herself.

Her untitled debut album will hit shelves this year and the world shall soon know just what a DEAN can do. Ah, I just love her to death.

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Dedicating this track to 2012; I’m falling for you and you haven’t even come yet! I love singing this obscenely loud in my falsified Bajan accent and it can be used in other contexts besides speaking to an actual person.

Get In!

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