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IMG_0564This week has been the week for my family and friends to utter the same phrase simultaneously:

“I need to get on my game and get like [Steph].”

If this isn’t pressure, I don’t know what is but I’m glad I can motivate people to get their lives in check…I guess. I never really realized how much people looked up to me until this week. I don’t see myself as a role model or anything like that – I just want what I want and happened to position myself to where it’s actually possible.

I made a huge jump into the right direction this past week and the moniker that comes to mind when I think about what I’ve done in these last three days is:

“Scared money don’t make money.”

At this point in my life, money isn’t the motive; working in a field where I care about every single facet of what’s happening is the motive and I’m on my way.

I don’t want to be arrogant and say “get like me” but if you’re looking to make your dreams come true, then always remember that scared money don’t make money.

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I told you a while back I had to quit my job as a means of stepping into my destiny. Well, I didn’t; as a matter of fact, I accepted a raise which is the exact opposite of quitting.

I sat back and told myself, “since nothing’s coming your way in the field you want anyway, you can use the next six months to save up for your apartment then resume your quest to be all that you can be for those you want to be that for.”

Folks, don’t do this – it’s a trap.

I psyched myself out, willingly gave up on the path lain for me before I continued to take my second step toward it. The whole reason for me leaving Houston to come to NYC was to achieve great things, not make great money. To be quite honest, the money’s not even that great because I have to pay all these taxes back come January, but that’s another story for another time.

I’m guessing that God allowed me to accept this raise in exchange for my will to chase a dream and said, “um boo, just what ARE you doing? This ain’t it and you know it.” I’d stopped applying for jobs and everything, but one tweet (I love Twitter) had me scrambling to send my resume off just this once. I was curious to see if something would come of it.

A response wasn’t likely; my experience on paper is great for the position I have now but if I let that stop me I wouldn’t have had any many interviews as I’ve had since being up here. I’m a “cross your fingers and see what happens” kind of applicant – the worst they can do to you is not reply. That’s what I was expecting with this particular title.

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon instead.

This is the biggest interview I’ll have had since I started working at sixteen because it’s in the direct line of my talents and vision for myself. I’m nervous because I don’t want to screw up and I want them to say yes to me, but I only have control over what I do that will make this a success for me.

I have to be myself and sell my capabilities vocally, which is hard for me but I want this so I will prepare as much as I can so I won’t have to report back to this current job anymore.

Everything is riding on this, but even if I don’t get it (I’m a realist just as much as I am an optimist) I can be proud that I went after it and I won’t give up because I know it is possible. I’m trying not to jump ahead of myself and take this one step at a time.

Sixteen hours until the coin lands – I’m hoping for heads.

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IMG_0462I have brain farts all the time at the most random moments one can ever imagine. Suddenly, I feel compelled to share them and since you’ve decided that you accept my socially awkward demeanor, guess who gets an all-access pass to my kooky inner workings? Congratulations!

– Have you ever wished that life was like a movie where you could just cut through the awkward shit and pan to the moment after when it all worked out for the best?

– I have a bad habit of bearing my ankles on the coldest days; I need to be more aware.

– Being social at events I cover never gets easier; I saw one of my she-ros last night and was a foot away from her yet said nothing…

– I’ve found that my cozy little box I reside in is hindering me with the assistance of those around me; I like doing things my way though. This is gonna be tough.

– I just want to write all day and eat pasta all night.

– You ever want to drift into town to see ONE person, post up for a few days then leave without anyone else knowing you were there? Me neither; that’s rude, huh? =\

– Saying how you feel is such a novel idea, isn’t it? It’s really cute.

– Seriously, I need to get to the point where I’m able to write all day and eat all night.

– I made an interesting proclamation that I’m completely fine with: I’ll probably be a housewife who writes books and scripts for the rest of her life. I really don’t mind that, though; I have to nurture my future kids’ dopeness and being stuck in some office ain’t gonna cut it!

– Kendrick Lamar’s album really is dope, though (I felt the need to mention something music-related since this blog is centered around it *shrugs*).

Welp that’s it for now; as thoughts come to me, I won’t hesitate to share them because I know you’re dying to read them =)

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It’s Friday, which means it’s commentary day! This week is all about how dynamic the music video era of television was and how it left a lasting impact on its viewers. We may never see what we saw before on TV ever again, so it must be acknowledged. Feel free to hit the share button!

I was born in 1986 – the year of Pixar’s inception, Oprah’s national television debut, and the tragic crash of The Challenger. MTV was five years old while BET had existed for six years; VH1 was originally named Cable Music Channel and was created by Ted Turner as a competitor (whose target audience was older and geared more towards the adult contemporary demographic) for MTV, but was sold to the dominating network after a month due to low turnover. All of these channels providing cable viewers with the latest in music videos and other programming

Throughout my childhood music was always present: my mom had a Pioneer stereo that played some of the best music I’d ever heard, but it was music I hadn’t always seen on the TV: After 7, Bobby Brown, D’Angelo, Stephanie Mills, Heavy D, Full Force – I could go on for days, but I’m sure you get where I’m going with this. MTV and BET allowed me the opportunity to like my own artists and follow them as they developed visually. Through BET, I learned that I had a fond love of R&B thanks to people like Jodeci, SWV, Xscape, Aaliyah, R. Kelly & Public Announcement, and so many others. Hosted by Donnie Simpson and Sherry Carter, the urban network’s premier music show Video Soul made me excited to hear from all of the newest acts and watch them perform live each night. The peak of my week was every Friday night where, after a rousing night of TGIF programming provided by ABC and a nice bath, I watched their top twenty countdown for as long as my mother would let me.

I saw Boyz II Men’s “End Of The Road” video for the first time on Video Soul and almost fell over when I found out my mother bought their debut album, Cooleyhighharmony. I was seven years old, but it was just the beginning of my obsession with music television.

With MTV, I was exposed to the “other” side of the music industry: pop and rock, and I loved it. Bands like Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Guns ‘N Roses, Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Counting Crows, The Foo Fighters; vocalists like Mariah Carey, Lisa Loeb, Annie Lennox, Natalie Merchant, Alanis Morrisette, Suzanne Vega; dance artists like C+C Music Factory, Snap!, Real McCoy, Robyn S. – again, I could go on for days.

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I was provoked to do this commentary after reading a tweet mad early this morning. Of course it’s long because I’m long-winded, but watch it because it’s good and funny and because you support me [lol]!

Shout out to Detroit for real though; they know I fucks with them.

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