QUiRK TALES! consists of thoughts and opinions on pop culture – mostly music – told by the biggest quirk of all: me. I’m Stephanie and for the past three years, I’ve been blogging my take on the music industry via itstheCOOL. I’ve always believed in supporting both underground artists and mainstream successes, so I decided to fuse two concepts together and create QT. I like talking about things I’m interested in and I’ve gotten comfortable with sharing it with others. If you like it, thanks and spread the word. If not … okay.

I bet you’re wondering why I call myself a quirk. I’m awkward, plain and simple. I’m socially clumsy, shy, and just plain awkward. I have an offbeat personality and pair that with my sarcasm, I’m a lot to take in once I finally open up. People don’t know how to take it, so I normally remain a loner. I’ve come to accept it because I’ve tried to change it but to no avail. I like the way I am anyway; fuck it if you don’t get it, pretty much.

disclaimer –

Any opinions stated on this site are strictly that of my own unless noted otherwise. Don’t throw stones and whatnot off what I say because it’s how I feel. I’m allowed that, so keep it pushin’ if you plan on getting in your feelings about MY opinion. Start a blog and voice your own, if it’s that deep. Have a blessed day.

the head quirk

I’m STEPHANIE, your quirky blogging mistress. A few things about me:

  • I love EVERYTHING about music and would like to think I can peg the industry pretty well for an outsider,
  • I stan for the best of the best for whatever reason,
  • If you have an awesome personality along with great music taste PLEASE make yourself known – I’m shy but I love meeting new people,
  • Concerts are the highlight of my life,
  • I truly was born to be someone’s personal assistant – just haven’t found that person yet,
  • I’m addicted  to Italian food, reading, and becoming one with New York City by way of wandering around at any given moment

Do I sound interesting yet? No? Well, check me out around the Internet and see if these change your mind:

  • instagram: amoresteph
  • twitter: amoreSTEPH
  • tumblr: QUiRKYisKEY!
  • path: stephanie walls
  • email: quirktales@me.com (blog) | sheiscool@me.com (personal)

See you around this crazy zany world wide web!

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